Rickie Maples, Doniphan Vitality/Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub Project(non-registered)
I had the great opportunity to meet you during the Ozark Artisan Innovation Hub Workshop in Eminence on July 18th. Wanted to follow up and take a look at your site. Have a great day!
Teresa and Glenn Brown(non-registered)
Hey, Carl. Out shots were there and now I can't find the Sept 7 ride. Am I doing something wrong. Looking in the private Teresa folder.
Thank you!
Your photographs from the Big Creek Trail Ride over Memorial Day weekend were spectacular! They give me such joy looking at them and bringing back the wonderful memories. Thank you so much. You are a remarkable man and I am honored to have met you. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Thanks again!
Carl Younger(non-registered)
I just want to say the year has come and gone and now we are getting ready for another up coming year of trail rides. I had a great time being out in the field with all the guided and non-guided groups. It is fun to catch those who have no idea that I am taking their picture and come back into camp and find themselves on the big screen roleing with everyone else. Hope to see everyone next year happy and healthy. The Youngers want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy trails to all and we will see you in the spring.

It was on the Alley Springs photos! Gorgeous!
Mary Jane(non-registered)
Wow! These are phenomenal! I will continue looking at them and especially love the first one you have on there -- will enjoy this!

God bless you in a special way!
Guest Viewer(non-registered)
Dear Carl,

Your photos at the BCTR are unreal! The color and saturation of some of the photos is just amazing. I hope that you will do well with your new site and I hope that it will keep you busy printing these wonderful memories as you call them. So neat!

God Bless
Cammie Younger(non-registered)
I love you Carl Younger!! And, thank you Cole Younger (my baby boy :-) ) for developing this incredible website!! How blessed I am!
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